6 inspiring graphic design trends you need to know

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As graphic design continues to evolve, it boldly adapts to new technologies and changes cultural landscapes. Strap on your innovation helmets and dive headfirst into the realm of design. We present the crème de la crème, six hot graphic design trends that are currently setting the tone. Stay ahead of the creative curve and explore the world of aesthetic marvels!

1. 3D Design Elements

Using the 3D technique can help bring your designs to life in new and exciting ways. It brings a sense of realism to your graphic design for websites, social media posts, logos, print, etc. Throughout the rest of 2023 we can expect to see more designs incorporating 3D graphics and even augmented reality elements to create immersive experiences.

The rapid advancement of technology nowadays makes these elements more accessible to designers. Three-dimensional typography can also add depth to your work, like the glossy bubble gum font in the card below. You can also mix it up and add 3D elements to your 2D design for extra depth and an aesthetically pleasing integration.

GIF with chrome 3D elements and STRAREX logo

2. Expressive and experimental fonts

Typography has always been a fundamental aspect of graphic design. But let’s switch it around and use typography as a design element of its own! Bold letters with majestic shapes and captivating dynamism dance to their own beat.

Your choice of font can determine the feeling of your design: romantic, daring, modern, or happy? Use texture, retro shapes, grain, or noise to make it even more popping. Distorted typography and the glitch effect are often applied to website texts or logos. It’s an artistic powerhouse of design you can apply in many ways!

We love to get creative for our clients in their artistic projects like these seasonal lookbooks to showcase the most trending flowers, plants, and accessories. Each design showcases a different moment of the year through the choice of fonts and colors.

3. Abstract & Geometric Shapes

Abstract and geometric shapes have been a popular design trend for a few years now, and you’ve probably seen it on printed designs, on websites, on packaging for new products…

Abstract geometry is characterized by grids and seemingly random placement of shapes. They can be used to create unique patterns or textures. In our own designs, we like to mix geometric shapes with 3D-design to create a harmony of eye-catching elements that somehow work perfectly together. Use bright, bold colors like the work below to make your designs stand out.

Holiday card design with abstract and geometric shapes, 3D elements

4. Minimalism & White Space

In contrast to the bold typography and bright colors of some of the other trends on this list, minimalism and white space also set the tone. The use of negative space and simple, clean lines can create that modern and sophisticated feeling. this is particularly effective in branding and logo design, where a simple design can make a big impact.

In the vast universe of website design, where every pixel counts, the ethereal force known as white space can bring balance and harmony to your digital canvas. It’s the pause between the notes, the silence that amplifies the melody. It transforms cluttered information into an elegant and readable masterpiece, leading the audience towards the most important elements of the page. Less is not just more, it’s pure enchantment!

5. Gradients & Color Transitions

Gradients are still popular in 2023. From subtle color transitions to bold, liquid gradients: these designs can add depth and texture. You can seamlessly create dynamism in static images by adding this colourful effects.

Gradient color palettes can be applied to landing pages, backgrounds, logos, product packaging and much more. Make them even more visually engaging by giving them an artsy edge with oily, grainy or painterly texture. We worked with a grainy effect on our gradient in brand colors for one of our cards, while the welcome card shows the paint-like dots dispersed throughout the design.

Gradient design for print on Thank You card by STRAREX
Gradient design for print on welcome card by STRAREX

Take it one step further and give logos or 3D elements a spin by dipping them into a liquid gradient effect. This ads a playful feeling when it blends together beautifully.

Gradients and 3D crossover for design

6. Sustainability & Eco-Friendly Design

As concerns about climate change continue to grow, sustainability and eco-friendly design are becoming an increasingly important trend. Designers are looking for ways to incorporate sustainable materials and practices into their work, such as using recycled paper or reducing waste in the printing process. This trend is particularly relevant in packaging design, where companies are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact.

These are just some of the graphic design trends at the moment. You can create visually striking designs that are relevant to your business by incorporating these into your work.

Whether it’s using bold typography or exploring the potential of 3D elements, the key to success will be staying ahead of the curve and embracing new techniques. Who’s to say that in a few years, we won’t be creating most of our designs with AI? But for us personally, we love to give a human touch to everything we create to bring brands to life!

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