At STRAREX you will be trained to become a real marketeer

Herlinde: Stage als marketeer bij STRAREX

“As a student at STRAREX, I was really part of the team. Here you’ll be molded into a real marketeer and be able to get a taste of all things Marketing.”

Herlinde, 22yo (Banaba International Business Management, UCLL)

As part of my Banaba training in International business management at UCLL college, I did an internship at STRAREX. As it is a very broad education, I had a wide range of choices. One thing I knew for sure: I wanted to go further in marketing later on.

That’s why I consciously chose STRAREX. The company stood out for me right away. After I submitted my application, I was contacted for a video interview. The choice was quickly made for me. It was a match made in heaven. I was allowed to start my internship at STRAREX as a junior marketing consultant.

I stepped on board to work out an event marketing strategy. But I could do a lot more than just work on this project. This gave me the opportunity to work on different projects for different clients and results. My work was also effectively shown to the clients and implemented. Here you are really challenged.

From making a competition analysis to effectively executing the event, I was involved in every step. For me,  this was perfect to even further develop my marketing skills. STRAREX ensured that I grew enormously in my analytical insights. I learned to work with Google analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook business manager–tools that must sound familiar to anyone interested in being a digital marketer.

Ideating strategies and campaigns is a daily business here. Together with the entire team I brainstorm about the next killer campaign, a great challenge for someone who doesn’t come from a marketing background, but STRAREX is ready to help you. For example, I received personal 1 to 1’s on a regular basis, and we had a daily Huddle as a team so that everyone knew about the different projects.

What will always stay with me is the vision of STRAREX. No-nonsense, go the extra mile. They care a lot about both their customers and their employees. They guide their clients from A-Z with their three service-departments Strategy, Digital and Creative.

You’re probably very curious about what STRAREX has to offer, see more about their offerings here. Or maybe you would rather do an internship at STRAREX? Don’t hesitate, just apply for an internship. A super experience for a career in marketing awaits you with a great, young and ambitious team.

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