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Agora Group is the market leader in Belgium and France as the leading wholesaler in flowers and plants with 4 Cash & Carries in Belgium and 16 in France. With purchasing organisations located in the Netherlands, France and Italy, Agora Group specifically caters to professional florists and nurseries. Agora Group offers “everything under one roof”: daily supplies of fresh flowers and greenery, a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants and everything else, from basic necessities to the latest trends in decoration. Flexible opening hours, regular promotions, product information, practical ideas and open days.


How to showcase the market leading wholesaler with 100,000+ [perishable] products and turn the business into a relevant and inspiring brand in the floral, plant & accessories market.


Update and redesign the brand by fine tuning existing design with a mix of new creations to bring the brand up-to-date and relevant. Focus on mixing design, styling and trends to align branding and the 100,000+ products.

Create a complete (and first) brand guide outlining every detail of the firm and the 3 major departments of plants, flowers and accessories into one cohesive brand and narrative.

Rethink and concept a complete design from color palettes to typography to photography, styling and graphic design. Develop the narrative of the brand through storytelling that is relevant and true to the core of the business.

Furthermore, showcase 100,000s of products in structure, storytelling of products that is easy to digest, understand.

Placing the spotlight of Agora products, display the vast variety of products in line with trends through innovative styling methods based on market research.

This resulted in a seasonal lookbook, something traditional to the fashion industry, yet with STRAREX’s recommendation, Agora Lookbooks make each product approachable, providing tips and suggestions on styling and combinations to make all 3 separate departments more cohesive and accessible to customers.


Increase in demand all around with improvement in sales.

Creation of a complete brand in place that is implemented throughout all locations organically as well as digitally. Brand assets are available to the internal team in all 17 locations to be used for all communication.

Consistency in branding resulted in strong brand recall and recognition. Brand is present and clearly distinctive in physical events to all digital devices.

Furthermore, Agora became a trend-setter in the market and even for the competitors, as the solution to be more forefront with trends and product display, impacted the entire firm in a positive direction with departments working closely together with STRAREX design team to create an inspiring lookbook (trend guide and shoppable inspiration guide).

The lookbook became a staple of Agora’s brand, leading the brand to the forefront of trends with market-leading products, and a sales tool for the sales team to showcase the latest products available. Once hidden with limited showcasing, Agora products are now on the forefront as an inspiration to florists and followers of social accounts.

Making brands human, bringing them to life. That’s our motto and exactly what we do at STRAREX and STRAREX Creative!

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