Product Launch – Vonken

Vonken, founded by a duo who share a passion for adventure, fire and coziness, is specialized in wood fired ovens. After many studied prototypes, endless experimenting and cooking sessions all over Belgium, Vonken was born.


How can Vonken successfully enter a market where lots of large companies have already established their presence in the outdoor cooking appliance sector? Who can we target in this market to successfully introduce Vonken and what’s the WTP? How can we ensure successful brand launch in the clutter of digital space?


To define a clear marketing strategy and plan, our team at STRAREX started by conducting thorough research and analysis of the market and the competitors & substitutes active in it. After research our team started by implementing all of our findings into concrete personas that defined the ideal audience for Vonken. Once these personas were defined, we developed digital campaigns that were tailor made to our potential customers based on research and personas. Hence, our STRAREX team ideated various draft cases to increase opportunities and strengths while mitigating and solving threats — our team at STRAREX is completely dedicated to our client and the projects we work on; hence, we points of check-ins & sessions to ensure that the plan we developed and proposed are strategically planned. From here we aim to create the most optimal marketing strategy and in turn yield successful results, for a sustainable, long-term business trajectory, and to keep winning with Vonken!


This case is currently in progress. We’re super excited to take this to launch as our team is working with passion and enthusiasm to light up the spark for the premium choice in outdoor cooking like never before!

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