Social Media and Influencer Marketing – Tifiori

Tifiori is the online floral retail platform with 200+ local florists and garden centers, offering unique creations and assortments throughout all of Belgium. Consumers select the creations which can be ordered from their nearest florist/ garden center, delivered straight to their home or anyone they want to send bouquets to. Whether it’s for a special occasion or any every-day surprise, Tifiori makes people happy with local creations!


How to gauge the digital/tech-savvy younger target audience to broaden the brand awareness and sales with a relevant, premium brand.


Focus on growing social presence through partnerships with niche/ micro influencers to align with the “local” brand, but also larger influencers such as Julie Van Den Steen & Nora Gharib to align with the service offering being national and available all around Belgium.


Immense increase in brand awareness, sales, and demand with a significant growth on socials, more partnerships and relationships are developed with the target audience and shift in audience and targeting succeeded as a result. Moreover, with 1200% sales increase of which 75% through social channels and google ads, digital marketing efforts clearly showed measurable results.

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