Successful Business Expansion – La Belle Maison

La Belle Maison (LBM) is Antwerp’s high-quality cleaning service. With more than 800 household helpers and 5000+ client base, LBM grew successfully under the avid entrepreneur, Geert Vissers, the founder of La Belle Maison who believes in truly making cleaning service, a trusted business: “There is no such thing as a manual for diversity, a personal approach in a professional work environment is my philosophy. An individual approach at every level of the company is necessary, so I get to know every newly hired household help and I also notice their appreciation for it. Every employee deserves to be perfected in his/her job”. As ‘One Big Family’, LBM operates in the heart of Antwerp with efficient operations both internally and externally. With highly specialized professionals providing training to the staff, they keep their household help innovative and efficient.


La Belle Maison grew successfully within the local Antwerp region, but now they’re ready for further business expansions. With other competing agencies and growth in the city and regions, how can La Belle Maison take their business to the next level.


Starting with thorough research and analysis is the first key step to any strategic focus and marketing.
Hence, our STRAREX team ideated various draft cases to increase opportunities and strengths while mitigating and solving threats. These are crucial aspects to develop a case to ensure that we can identify the market segments accordingly. Then, together with the client team, planning and ideating next steps to make this actionable–our team at STRAREX is completely dedicated to our client and the projects we work on; hence, sessions and meetings to ensure the plan we developed and proposed is on its way to execution is crucial to us.

We developed and executed a cohesive and optimal marketing strategy for LBM which is helping them to successfully grow their business and to achieve their business goals.
This way, we’re continuously working on a sustainable, long-term strategy that will yield successful results for La Belle Maison!


Progress and positive results for La Belle Maison have been proven while we continue our partnership. Results we measured thanks to a solid marketing strategy are:
71% increase in new client sign ups since implementation and performance phase. Among new client sign ups were not only end clients who use household services, but also new household helps to ensure that La Belle Maison can maintain sustainable growth in the future and improve their relationship with both audiences. Thanks to a very personal approach, they differentiate from the competition and truly are part of their market.
31% increase in engagement: contact attempts increase significantly with optimized strategic and digital flow in conjunction with smart content.
4x increase in duration per website session with optimized pages.

We’re on our A game as our team is working with passion and enthusiasm to bring the cleanest family of ‘t stad into every Antwerp household!

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