Switch to online E-commerce platform – COOP Apotheken

COOP pharmacies is an independent, sustainable and innovative consumer cooperative in Belgium. Drawing on their inspiring history from Ghent’s cradle, COOP’s recognized network of 45 pharmacies has been striving since 1881 to provide the best health advice for private clients and residential care centers.


While COOP maintained a strong network and foundation of pharmacies across the Belgian market, the question was for the next step, the growth and future of COOP: How to bring the personal offline-pharmacy experience online.


Starting with thorough research and analysis is the first key step to any strategic focus and planning.

Hence, our STRAREX team ideated various draft cases to increase opportunities and strengths while mitigating and solving threats. We came to the conclusion with a strong focus on data analytics and user testing; these are crucial aspects to develop an online platform/ E-commerce that truly works.

Then, together with the client team, planning and ideating next steps to make this actionable took place–our team at STRAREX is completely dedicated to our client and the projects we work on; hence, sessions and meetings to ensure the plan we developed and proposed is on its way to execution is crucial to us.

From here we aimed to ensure that user-experience was key, logical steps and rational consumer behavior were in place for the blueprint of the platform, and that ultimately the e-commerce platform yields successful results in sales, satisfaction of users, and that we have a happy client!


Truly groundbreaking online pharmacy experience. The impact of user-testing and clear planning yielded in an effective, modern, user-friendly e-commerce site. We’re now just excited to take this to launch as our team is working with passion and enthusiasm to bring the next big thing to the market!

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