See, we told you that at STRAREX, we do marketing that really works…

Okay, we’ll be honest. This ad costs us about €5,89 for you to click on it.

Why are we doing this? Well, we want to tell you a bit more about how strategic marketing will help you reach your goals.


When doing marketing like the rest, you don’t differentiate yourself from your competitors.

But how can you expect to be noticed by your customers if you don’t stand out from the crowd?

At STRAREX, we help you get noticed by the right customers for you. With our methodology, developed in-house, proving across various cases across sectors, you’ll shine and win.

Good marketing starts with strategy

Instead of developing a strategy first, many agencies skip the most important part, the pre-strategy phase and tend to make campaigns with no knowledge of the target audience, target market and so forth.

Through a well though-out strategy that is based on data, you will reach your customers through the right channels, using your marketing budget to its fullest potential.

The secret to marketing

So, the one secret to successful marketing is real strategic marketing. This isn’t just a cool campaign or pitch, nor a fancy idea for packaging and print. It’s the foundation of your entire marketing aligned to you business goals, vision and purpose.

A thorough marketing plan yields measurable results, allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

No nonsense, straight to it.