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STRAREX is your passionate marketing team, consisting of no-nonsense, builders, hands-on problem-solvers, and thinkers with the ambition to make a difference.

We help firms truly understand and create better marketing for their firm, brand, customers and for the world. No one is above any task or job, and we work with passion!

Our 3 main pillars : 

Location: Eilandje, Madrasstraat 62, 2000 Antwerp

Our Values


Perseverance and consistency are the keys to success; keep trying and never give up. It’s about embracing resilience, continuing to strive forward, and never relenting in our pursuit of our goals.


We at STRAREX commit to making incremental improvements every day, striving to enhance our skills, knowledge, or performance by at least 1% with each effort.


Focus, prioritize, and get the job done. We are hands-on problem solvers, not creators of it. We bring the best in quality and outcome in our job, for our client and team. This means #winning time.


No solo players, one team, one goal, made of A-players, making the impossible possible. Dreamwork doesn’t come easy, and our team puts in the work to make it happen. It’s all about communication, teamwork, trusting yourself, and giving trust to your team. 


We develop a performance-driven approach with REC (Results, Efforts, Competence), fostering a hands-on problem-solving mentality to tackle challenges effectively. 

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Interested in joining us?

At STRAREX we excel at disrupting conventional marketing and operations. With a house full of experts in each area of marketing, we’re continuously pushing the limits and genuinely helping our clients and their teams. As their full- service Strategic Marketing Agency we are always innovating our clients marketing by creating the most optimal strategy to achieve their goals.

At STRAREX we focus on growth and reliability, we gather and analyse data to optimize ROI via tailor-made strategies.