Marketing Legends 2.0 Kotler

"Know your customers better than they know themselves."We had the opportunity to meet Kotler a few years ago during a presentation, where we asked him what he thinks is the most i...


What it means to be a female entrepreneur in 2020

In honor of Business Women's Day, we sat down with two of our team members, Diana and Eva, the ladies of STRAREX. Let’s pick their brains about women in business, female entrep...


Increase your webshop conversion with these 5 tips

Alright, so you have a brand new, beautifully designed webshop, where you send hundreds of clicks every day via social media and search ads, but here’s the catch--only 1 to 2% o...

groeistrategie 2.0: Ansoff gaat digitaal

Growth Strategy 2.0: Ansoff goes Digital

The Russian Igor Ansoff was one of the most brilliant economists of the 20th century. He became especially known for his growth matrix, which divides the growth strategy of a comp...