Let’s disrupt the way marketing is done.

Create and deliver strategic and smart marketing services that truly makes a difference for our clients; strategic marketing that is measurable and one that really works.

Together with our clients, we develop the most optimal marketing strategy for organizations towards sustainable growth and reliability.

No nonsense, straight to it!

Our Values


Perseverance and consistency are the keys to success; keep trying and never give up. It’s about embracing resilience, continuing to strive forward, and never relenting in our pursuit of our goals.


We at STRAREX commit to making incremental improvements every day, striving to enhance our skills, knowledge, or performance by at least 1% with each effort.


Focus, prioritize, and get the job done. We are hands-on problem solvers, not creators of it. We bring the best in quality and outcome in our job, for our client and team. This means #winning time.


No solo players, one team, one goal, made of A-players, making the impossible possible. Dreamwork doesn’t come easy, and our team puts in the work to make it happen. It’s all about communication, teamwork, trusting yourself, and giving trust to your team. 


We develop a performance-driven approach with REC (Results, Efforts, Competence), fostering a hands-on problem-solving mentality to tackle challenges effectively. 

Perks & Benefits

Besides already the awesome things you know about STRAREX, we offer great perks & benefits for our team. 

But wait, there’s (so much) more!

A-player culture

We foster a company culture that respects those who think, motivate, drive ambition, and bring their A-game. Our team is full of talented and smart people in a variety of fields, and we respect the diversity.


We are avid learners, with the drive to take everything we do to the next level. We offer variety of trainings so that you can stay on TOP and grow.

Innovation & growth & creativity

We love to learn, innovate, and get creative. We are hands-on problem-solvers, with genuine ambition to make a difference with marketing, so we continue to test, trial and innovate our workflow, process, tools, and much more!

Stellar Clients

We work with stellar clients, for real. Our clients are amazing, and it’s part of our sales funnel. While we don’t have specific criteria, we have a thorough selection process as we are very detailed on finding the right projects, with the right people, the ones we believe in that we can make a big difference for and with, and the client team who understands the importance of marketing in business and are willing to learn and grow to that next level.


You’re the lead, you own, you want it , you got it. Ownership and responsibility are key criteria our people seek but that’s also expected of. No task is too small or or too big; you have the magic 8 ball because you’re in charge of planning, managing and making it happen.

Food & drinks

Team lunches & dinners

On occasions we provide lunch and dinners with the team cus we loooove to eat (check out our team videos & our Instapage to find out what our favorite dishes are!)

Drinks & snacks & coffee

Keeping our team fueled and energized is important; we want everyone to feel their best so we offer some drinks, snacks and of course, fresh beans for coffee!

Extralegal benefits

Extended health care coverage

health and well being is important for us, so we make sure you’ve got the coverage necessary to keep yourself in tiptop shape!

Meal voucher & Ecocheques

Additional perks to payroll are monthly vouchers for your groceries / meals as well as environmentally-focused checks you can use.

Team & holiday events

Holiday events

Anything from Christmas dinners to sports events, we like to deck out our office and celebrate together.

Bday specials

Cakes, cupcakes, donuts, you name it; if it’s your Bday, we got the sugar rush ready to celebrate your B(ig) Day.

Milestone recognitions

Woah, you made a major mark, congrats. It’s time to celebrate YOU and put that spotlight on your achievements and celebrate with the team!

Tools & devices


We are all about efficiency and effectiveness: Apple is the standard hardware device at STRAREX to keep consistency of workflows and processes to maximize efficiency between each member’s devices. From the best-performing software to hardware, we are about quality but that’s expected also in the results and output.

Apps & tools

We use and provide our team with access to innovative apps, tools and subscriptions to stay on TOP of the game.

Travel & more

Team events & travel

We’re a bunch that really likes to be around one another, and we have some really fun get-togethers to fuel our team spirit + we love to travel and we aim to do a holiday-work together once a year.

STRAREX office & branded goodies & supplies

We custom built our HQ to make sure we have a space that’s welcoming and beautiful for our team to thrive in. Bonus, we love marketing, and equally, we love goodies that has our stunning logo! We feel proud to be part of the X team, and we’ve got some cool stuff to make our team proud!

Bonus: photoshoots

Yes we love capturing moments together but also provide individual photoshoots.

Working at STRAREX

We custom built our HQ to make sure we have a space that’s welcoming and beautiful for our team to thrive in. Take a look!

What’s your passion?



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Location Eilandje, Antwerpen

Interested in joining us?

If your position is not yet listed, but you’re sure that you can strengthen our team with your experience, expertise and passion for marketing, then contact us here and let’s see what we can do together!