A structured marketing plan for the sustainable growth of your company

Work proactively and structurally on your ambitious goals through strategic marketing.  

A thorough marketing plan yields measurable results, allowing you to focus on the core of your business. No nonsense, straight to it.

The right strategy ensures results

But what is the right strategy? On the basis of our own collected or supplied data, we create the optimal marketing plan for your organization with you.

Based on a structured step-by-step plan, we determine with you which markets are most relevant and which strategies will lead to the best results.

The STRAREX model

Organization Analysis

Analysis and creation of a clear overview of your organization’s strengths and opportunities as well as a detailed service blueprint that shows your current marketing and sales with points of contact to the customer.

Competitive & Market Analysis

In this phase, a clear overview is made of your existing competitors. The focus is on the offerings, target groups & positioning in your respective market to then, effectively position your firm in the next steps and to a successful future.

Customer Analysis

Do you really know your customers? Get to know your most important relationships on the basis of a qualitative and quantitative survey, with a detailed overview of your customers, their needs & wants, and why they are purchasing from you as well as those who are not. Discover more about your customers, various target segments and potentials to maximize your relationships.

Marketing Strategy

Based on the data collected in the previous phases, a clear & structured overview is developed on the basis of a confrontation matrix of your market.

Along with this overview, your long-term marketing strategy will be developed together with your organization and documented for the next plan, action.


Finally, determine the right tactical tools and messages. This is your action time. With a concrete development and a detailed communication plan that is precisely tailored to the needs & wants of your selected target groups to reach set goals.

At STRAREX it’s an all-in strategy

  • Our methodology has been developed in-house to guide your organization from A to Z in drawing up and implementing a strategic marketing plan.
  • For each step in this process, we use a series of tools and templates that make it as easy as possible for you as a user. No-nonsense!
  • Well-founded methodologies that provide clear answers and solutions.