What will work best for my business: an in-house marketeer or a marketing agency?

As a company with ambitious goals, you want to grow in a way that’s efficient and sustainable. Choosing the right marketing solution is no easy task, especially if you want your business goals met.

We’ll get straight to it: you want the best expert to get the job done, someone that takes care of all your marketing needs from A-Z. Maybe you’re looking for this ‘white raven’ that can do it all: design, write copy, strategize, execute, test, optimize, track data, manage a great website, …

But in a world of ever accelerating progress in technology and cutting edge innovations, finding someone who can do it all is simply impossible. Therefore, many companies rely on one profile that touches upon the surface of all tactical bits, but doesn’t have the time or skills to go in dept. Successful strategic performance marketing is hard to keep up with a one man or one woman show. A range of specific expertise is crucial to make the difference and get you in the top results of the market.

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Why choose in-house marketing?

In-house marketing is great to manage and maintain your everyday digital marketing efforts. If your current digital strategy is on point and most tasks include project execution and more tactical work with little variation, having an in-house marketeer might be the right solution for you. As a matter of fact, we strongly advise our clients to keep on board or hire an in-house marketing profile. Throughout our partnerships, we often even help to recruit the right people. Having someone in-house makes it easier to establish a strong communication with your marketing partner to make quick progress.

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Why choose a marketing agency?

Do you have more strategic projects coming up and do you want fast yet sustainable growth for your business?

With these kinds of expectations, where lots of variation and technical knowledge come into place, you might want to consider investing in a partnership with a strategic marketing partner who can turn your investment into a whole team of experts, each with their own strengths, that will deliver better results based on in-depth experience and efficient workflows.

This will ultimately help you to get the best value and return on investment (ROI) out of your marketing budget.

At STRAREX, your full service strategic marketing agency, we work with various experts for one specific project. This enables us to work efficiently and let every team member do what they do best, while constantly keeping in mind the goals that we defined with your team beforehand. Thanks to our expertise and optimized processes, we will deliver qualitative, measurable results.

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Does this mean I should get rid of our marketing manager? Absolutely not!

Hell no! Here’s why you need to keep your marketing manager on board.

Even though you might not be able to put all this expertise into one person, you still need an internal responsible who can follow up all communication and decision within the organization. While we as your strategic marketing agency are here to bring our team with technical and data-based expertise, we need this synergy in order to yield the best results possible.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: our client’s most successful projects usually involve an in-house marketer. A perfect blend between in-house experience and external expertise and best practices is the best business recipe for success.

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A summary of in-house vs marketing agency partnership

We are not another agency, we are a partner, working with you as one team.

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