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From pharmacies to large e-commerce companies, from the bakery around the corner to multinationals, every business is looking for the best way to highlight their products or services to new and existing customers. More attention for the brand, increased sales or more consumers responding to your social media… Whatever the goal may be, each business requires a customized strategy. To make a real impact and draw up a sustainable plan, many organizations count on the experience and know-how of an external marketing agency such as ours.

Defining your ad strategy is to make decisions

Good marketing starts from an engaged management and someone who knows the organization inside and out. When you then throw a marketing expert into the mix, it creates a partnership to develop successful strategies! Before you start advertising on social media, you need to establish some important agreements: what are the company goals, what stumbling blocks do we avoid, what are our main target audiences and what is the ideal advertising budget? Here your in-house marketing team can be a great help, but support from a team of experts ensures that you can optimize results.

Define your advertising goals

The competition to stand out on social media is fierce. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools in this digital age that make it easier for businesses to reach a large audience. Think Meta (Facebook & Instagram), LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, … or even Pinterest!

Paid advertising allows you to advertise across a variety of online channels, showing your content, products or services to even more potential customers on social media – on top of your own followers who see the organic posts. However, before you start running paid ads on social media, you should do thorough research and determine a consistent approach. This is how you’ll put your budgets to optimal use!

The first step is to define the goals of your campaigns. Do you want more visitors to your website, more conversions or, most importantly, to grow your brand awareness? Choose measurable and achievable goals where you can track the results. With an effective strategy, you’ll be ready to take your marketing to the next level!

Could use some help with defining your digital strategy? Plan a videocall en let’s discuss your challenges!

Good communication is the key to success

Every ad that appears online has a specific purpose. Your ad copy must urge the target audience to take the action you have in mind. So the way you deliver a message plays a crucial role: it must be of a professional, but still accessible level. Design also plays a big role here, because after all, we are visual creatures! Emerging social media channels like TikTok are capitalizing on this, and we see more traditional channels like Facebook, for example, adopting the popular format of shorter videos. The right combination of image and message is already a step in the right direction.

Choose the right advertising format

When setting up an ad campaign, always keep in mind what your goal is and who needs to see the ads. Based on that, you also choose the format of your ad and what kind of content to use in the process: photos, videos, edited images….

For example, if your main goal is to grab the viewer’s attention and make them remember your brand, then a video ad may be the most interesting option to create brand awareness. On the other hand, if your main goal is to get people to click through to your website, then a carousel with images and links to the website may work better. Each type of ad on social media has its pros and cons.

Some platforms, for example Facebook and LinkedIn, offer the ability to set up ‘lead ads’. This means you can direct an ad directly to a form, where the person or company can then leave information in exchange for something they find useful. That could be information to download, signing up for an interesting webinar… That way you take a potential customer further and further through your customer user journey. We have already deployed this with STRAREX for our customer StepStone, and as it turned out, it brought in a lot of new B2B leads, at a relatively low cost! The more you know…

Would you like to work with a team of experts to build your campaigns based on a sustainable strategy that fits your business goals? Contact us and let us know how we can help.

Learn from your results, optimize, repeat!

We like to take the guessing out of the game! Thanks to numerous digital tools to measure data, it is possible to know exactly where the best results are coming from. By analyzing the data from your ad campaigns, you gain insight into which audiences are interested and which ads perform best according to your goals. Dive deep into the statistics and visualize the data with dashboards to get a clear overview.

In turn, you use this information to optimize ongoing campaigns and boost your results. Be sure to use the options the platform offers to test new ad formats, texts or designs and experiment with your target audiences. After all, this is how you increase your ROI (Return On Investment) and reach your marketing goals faster!

With our strategic marketing agency STRAREX we strive to work sustainably towards your business goals with online and offline marketing. Transparent cooperation and regular check-ins are invariably part of our way of working. We are based in Antwerp and work on a national and international level with dozens of companies. Feel free to contact our experienced team to discuss your growth opportunities.

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