Tifiori brand guide


Branding – Tifiori

Tifiori is the online floral retail platform with 200+ local florists and garden centers, offering unique creations and assortments throughout all of Belgium. Consumers select the creations which can be ordered from their nearest florist/ garden center, delivered straight to their home or anyone they want to send bouquets to. Whether it’s for a special occasion or any every-day surprise, Tifiori makes people happy with local creations!


As a new platform, starting out, how can we brand ourselves? There is a logo and a platform but limited design and any sort of strategies on branding and positioning.


Create a branding strategy detailing the focus of the business, storytelling (narrative and who the brand is), define the target group(s), connect the business and brand to the right audience that is relevant, and design to reflect the branding strategy that can be implemented via communication and advertising.


Immense increase in brand awareness, consistency in branding, relevant and relatable brand is in place to the younger target demographic. In conjunction with social media efforts, sales and demand saw significant growth in socials, more partnerships and relationships developed, and Tifiori saw a growing target segment and shift to a more relevant audience. Moreover, with 75% sales increase through social channels and google ads, digital marketing efforts clearly showed measurable results.

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