Digital Advertising Strategy for B2B audience – Vileda Professional

Vileda Professional designs and markets cutting-edge cleaning solutions for professional users in different sectors, such as healthcare, controlled environments, public buildings and catering.

Thanks to more than 60 years of experience, they understand the needs of professionals in different fields of activity and are able to offer them solutions that help them clean faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost. The development of innovative cleaning solutions, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, has always been a priority area of action for Vileda Professional.


Vileda Professional needs an efficient digital solution to find their B2B business qualitative leads. The goal is to find their ideal target audience, reach their clients digitally and bring a stronger brand awareness, while also bringing attention to the ecological approach their business offers.


Starting with thorough research and analysis is the first key step to any strategic focus and planning. Hence, our STRAREX team ideated strategic concepts to increase opportunities and strengths while mitigating and solving threats, where digital strategy is focussed in Belgium and the Netherlands to attract new customers for Vileda’s business unit.

We came to the conclusion with a strong focus on data analytics and qualitative insights; these are crucial aspects for an effective digital strategy and implementation with ROI. 

Then, together with the client team, planning and ideating next steps to make this actionable took place–our team at STRAREX is completely dedicated to our client and the projects we work on; hence, sessions and meetings to ensure the plan we developed and proposed is on its way to execution is crucial to us. From here we aimed to ensure that user-experience was key, logical steps and rational consumer behavior were in place for the blueprint of the digital strategy, and that ultimately this yields successful results in sales, satisfaction of users.


With an incredible strategic digital plan and team, our implementation and advertising efforts are launched, and we’re excited to continue to see positive results. Stay tuned for the final results as STRAREX takes Vileda to the next level. 

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