Plan for market entry of new product – Cupple

CUPPLE is the ice cream parlor in your home. With the vision to provide accessibility of fresh home-made style ice cream, CUPPLE is the new tech machine aiming to change the way you eat ice cream from the comfort of your home. While there are large industrial / B2B-focussed ice cream makers, very little exists on a convenient ice cream machine fit for everyone’s kitchen countertop, that’s no hassle and easy to make. CUPPLE comes with cups filled with ingredients, all ready for that fresh, premium flavor; all you need to do is open, pour into the machine, and it’s ready to go: a fool-proof way to make ice cream. CUPPLE does it all for you. Founded by passionate ice-cream lovers, who grew up with access to freshly churned ice cream, CUPPLE is changing the game of ice cream consumption and opening the world to taste what truly fresh ice cream is like — smooth, silky, and velvety with flavors so rich you won’t go back to those frozen boxes in the back of your freezer.


With a new technology, product and brand, always comes some obstacles to overcome. With a developing product, how can CUPPLE successfully enter the market, and which market(s)? Do these markets exist? Who are our customers and what’s the WTP?


Starting with thorough research and analysis is the first key step to any strategic focus and market-entry planning. After the analysis, our team found the following aspects to be crucial elements to complete in order to enter the market: market research confirmations, pricing strategy, customer segmentations and go-to market strategy.
Hence, our STRAREX team ideated various draft cases to increase opportunities and strengths while mitigating and solving threats. We came to the conclusion with a strong focus on data from our own research; these are crucial aspects to develop a case to ensure that we can identify the market segments and their WTP. Then, together with the client team, planning and ideating next steps to make this actionable took place–our team at STRAREX is completely dedicated to our client and the projects we work on; hence, sessions and meetings to ensure the plan we developed and proposed is on its way to execution is crucial to us. From here we aim to create the most optimal marketing strategy and in turn yield successful results, for not just entry but long-term business trajectory, and satisfaction of all those who taste CUPPLE, and that we have a happy client!


This case is currently in progress. We’re super excited to take this to launch as our team is working with passion and enthusiasm to make the world a more delicious place!

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