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Proactive digital strategy for awareness and website performance – Ambrava Samsung

Ambrava Samsung is the leading importer and distributor of Samsung’s Climate Solutions in the Benelux. They offer tailor-made solutions, support and training to Samsung-recognized installers, ensuring that clients receive the right HVAC solutions for their specific needs.


Ecological and durable climate solutions are the future. The Samsung air conditioning and heat pump systems that Ambrava Samsung offers are a big step forward in that aspect. Moreover, this type of climate control is gradually starting to become obligatory by building regulations set by the government, and the overall market is increasing rapidly.

To meet the challenge of reaching a wider audience, Ambrava Samsung partnered with STRAREX to develop a strategic marketing plan focused on digital performance marketing. The goal was to generate new leads through their website, enabling installers to present their products more often to interested end-users.


STRAREX defined the marketing strategy to set up targeted campaigns, increase overall website traffic, improve website performance, and generate awareness for the Belgian and Dutch markets to increase Ambrava Samsung’s ROI. Their website was also remodeled to be up to par with design standards and to generate more traffic that converts.

Ambrava Samsung’s products were promoted through mailings, Meta- and Google Advertising to generate a reputation with the Belgian and Dutch target audience. To make this happen, STRAREX built targeted advertisements and set up customer flows to trigger and immediately redirect the online customer traffic to the updated website and the right products.

With overall optimizations and by applying SEO on the webpage content, the Ambrava Samsung webpages saw an all-around increase in search engine visitors.


STRAREX rolled out the digital performance marketing strategy on the selected platforms and significantly increased conversions for Ambrava Samsung. Compared to the previous year, the Belgian website received 69% more visits, the Dutch website gained 59% more visits. We achieved remarkable results with only a slight increase in the advertising budget for the Belgian market. Through our strategic approach, we optimized the investments in marketing as the ad budget was used a lot wiser – with outstanding effectiveness. Ambrava Samsung’s team of installers was contacted 325% more than the year before to schedule an appointment. For the Netherlands we lifted this number to 211%.

The results we achieved for Ambrava Samsung were nothing shy of excellent. Throughout the campaign, the ads we set up achieved an increase in views, which generated more individual clicks on all platforms. We managed to drastically reduce the used advertising budget and improved their conversion rate significantly.

STRAREX loves to win at marketing. Our team is very proud of this campaign and the results we could present to our client. By implementing a strong strategic foundation and sticking to it, we saw a heavy increase in numbers throughout the entire customer funnel. And of course, we’re happy we played our part in contributing to a cleaner future.

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