Strategic Marketing Plan – Tifiori

Tifiori is the online floral retail platform with 200+ local florists and garden centers, offering unique creations and assortments throughout all of Belgium. Consumers select the creations which can be ordered from their nearest florist/ garden center, delivered straight to their home or anyone they want to send bouquets to. Whether it’s for a special occasion or any every-day surprise, Tifiori makes people happy with local creations!


How can we position a new online B2C marketplace that combines the offerings of local florists on one easy-to-use platform. Without any marketing plan and limited data and research, how can we develop the (new) business to be competitive in the market.


Positioning of the business is the first step. Starting with analysis of existing data to collecting additional research, positioning was developed to set Tifiori in the premium market. Additionally, onboarding development with florists took place as they began adding more of their own creations. Furthermore, create a brand and platform which is relevant for the premium B2C market, positioned for people who look for higher quality with the ease and convenience of online shopping and delivery.


Currently 200+ florists online, and after thorough analysis of UX/UI and optimizations lead to an increase of 12 times the baseline sales for the same marketing spend. With more efficient spending of advertising, yielding significantly improved results, Tifiori’s kick start with a strategic marketing plan continues. Don’t just target your market, be part of it! Helping our clients be part of their market…that’s exactly what we do at STRAREX.

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