The 5 trends that will define successful marketing in 2022

You really can’t miss these trends that will shape the marketing landscape in 2022. Hint: actually they aren’t just trends, they’re here to stay!

From ways to make your customer relationships more sustainable to digital developments: we want to prepare you and your business for what’s coming. Read and learn, because this will help you bring your A-game.

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Trend 1 - STRAREX

1 . Meeting customers in a cookieless world

Let’s put our focus on two key words here: transparency & privacy.

It’s amazing to see the acceleration in improvements and new opportunities that come with big data. It has allowed companies to better target their customers and find out what they want, and we’re totally here for it.

With data, we think of third-party cookies: not the sweet snacks from the cookie jar, but data used from third-party sites.

However, these third party cookies are slowly starting to disappear. Big companies have created a lot of distrust as to what is happening with our data, which has even caused big players like Facebook to rethink their communication around privacy online. New privacy regulations like the iOS update and the pending removal of cookies are gradually reducing the amount of third party data you can use for your marketing efforts. In other words: your advertising strategy better be up for a challenge.

So, what’s next? A human-first data experience! It means you get to build your marketing in a sustainable way, using data with the needs of the customer in mind and building a strong brand relationship.

Create new data structures that allow you to collect first-party data to prepare yourself for the changing business landscape and make your marketing future-proof.

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Trend 2 - STRAREX

2. The importance of data continues to grow

Data has changed the way we use digital marketing. You can track results and optimize return on investment (ROI) by designing the best customer journey and using the right marketing channel at the right time.

Besides data-driven marketing, you also need to look at algorithm-driven systems: social media, Google search engine and even email.

And why is this so important? All for the same basic thing: user experience. Let’s take TikTok as an example. Although this may seem like a trivial app that just exists for hyping up social media trends and influencers, the algorithm that keeps drawing the users to the app is more sophisticated than we realise.

Why is that? It pushes the content that users watch the longest or the most, so they literally see what they want to see. Just had a break-up? Welcome to heartbreak-Tok!

Not sure what your next career step is? Now you’re suddenly seeing videos with the best application tips. Creepy? Maybe. Genius? Definitely.

What you need to remember: give your customers the value they are looking for.

They’re expecting a more personal experience and when you can give them that, you’ll have a massive advantage. That’s why it’s so important to gather first party data and connect with them.

Get to know your customers and send them the content they want, aligned with your business goals.


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Trend 3 - STRAREX

3. Mobile optimization is key

We keep spending more and more time on mobile devices. And it’s not just the younger generations: everyone is learning the advantages of having a mini computer in your pocket. In 2021, more than half of the annual online website traffic came from mobile devices (tablets included). Not surprising that 33% of global marketers invest in mobile web design! And this will only increase, as remote working and interconnectivity are becoming a part of our daily lives.

You can have a pretty website that’s easy to visit from your desktop, but if it’s not mobile friendly your customers will bounce faster than you can blink an eye.

So to stay relevant in the digital era, let’s make sure that your website is ready to go mobile. Consumers nowadays want to buy what they need fast and as easily as possible. To get them to convert on mobile this takes a different UX approach. It’s all about the aesthetics and functionality.

Tifiori & Pharmabox UX/UI Design
UX/UI Design of Tifiori & Pharmabox

And don’t forget that these mobile experiences apply to your email marketing too! We’re only human, and we’re attracted to pretty things that follow a logical structure. The right word in exactly the right place will trigger more clicks and engagement! This isn’t just great for conversions, but in the long run ties into your email strategy to build trust with your customers.

Want to make it look good and work just as good? Book an introduction call and let’s discuss how we can increase your conversions.

Trend 4 - STRAREX

4. The world is ready for sustainable brands

Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact companies can have on our environment. They give more value to environmental, social and economic health and expect brands to take responsibility for what they put into this world.

New ethical business standards might impact their choices on where to spend their money.

According to Nielsen’s 2015 Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66% of consumers would spend more on a product if it came from a sustainable brand.

Many Direct to Consumer brands focus really well on this part, from fashion to household goods. There is a great shift in the way shoppers get their products. And let’s not forget about tech companies that produce electric cars for example: everyone knows about Tesla, but it won’t be long before upcoming brands like Lucid will take the lead.

Do you suddenly need to start planting trees now or develop some crazy technology to be sustainable? No!

You might already be doing some things that are great, like offering remote work or innovating your product packaging to be more ecological and reduce your footprint.

La Belle Maison & Extremis
Sustainable brands like La Belle Maison & Extremis

If you have aspects that focus on sustainability, be proud of it and let your customers know. Communicate with a goal in mind and make sure you clearly connect this to your brand and mission, both on social media or other external communication AND internally in your organisation. Show them what you stand for!

Need an extra hand with brand positioning? Plan you introduction call and let’s talk sustainable branding!

Trend 5 - STRAREX

5. The human side of Marketing: Customer experience for the win

2022 is all about customer experience. During Covid, we’ve basically been living in a digital world and saw the first steps towards living in the Metaverse. The speed of your internet is the limit, it seems: digital concerts, virtual reality rooms and tours, new ways of meeting online… Brands had to get creative and innovate.

In all of this, you simply can’t forget to look at the the human side of marketing. Put your customers first, and they will stick with you!

Don’t just go for the pretty website, but make sure you test and optimize to see how your customers navigate the pages and where they stick around the longest. This will help you to understand what they are looking for!

(By the way, we do make pretty awesome websites for our clients.)

We’ve all had our frustrations when trying to find something on a website. Nobody likes that, so make the experience as frictionless as possible for your visitors.

In 2022, make it part of your marketing strategy to create the best customer experience for your clients. Get feedback from them, implement, measure, optimize, repeat!

At STRAREX, we know what it takes to analyse each stage of the customer journey and to align this with your business goals.

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