Here’s the truth to my first experience as a strategist in a marketing agency – Rik

Rik's stage bij STRAREX

Working for STRAREX is working on your future. Wouter & the team gave me my first professional position, characterized by real responsibilities and entrepreneurial spirit.

Rik, 25yo, Banaba International Business Management, UCLL

What did you find most interesting about your job at STRAREX?

The most interesting thing about a job or internship at STRAREX is that you go through the entire process: from an organizational, competition & customer analysis to the practical implementation of a workshop together with the clients. It’s fascinating to see how an extensive analysis can turn into a practical, hands-on workshop in which you will search for solutions together with the clients. Moreover, it gives a lot of satisfaction when you see the added value you can offer the team. Because yes, you truly do!

What attracted you the most to STRAREX?

What mainly attracted me within STRAREX is the company culture. No-nonsense, sufficiently responsible and result-driven. When Wouter & the team say that they are an all-in strategic marketing agency, they really are ALL-IN. STRAREX is a Mecca of talented people who work hard to make a difference both internally and externally. After internal training, I was ready to meet clients and be a full part of the team. It continues to amaze me how much I have learned in a short time, both professionally and personally.

STRAREX as an employer.

For me, STRAREX was the ideal employer to develop both my soft- and hard skills. I learned to work with Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager – tools that are inevitable in our modern marketing world, but nothing is more important than being able to translate these concepts to customers. Although STRAREX is very data-driven and will only make decisions based on acquired knowledge, the human and personal aspect remains paramount. In every step of the process we stayed in contact with the customer, something that kept reminding me why I loved this job so much.

My favorite aspect of my job were the brainstorming sessions. At STRAREX you are encouraged to think out-of-the-box and to look for solutions & ideas that no one has ever come up with before. Do you have a good idea? Or Shoot! Your idea doesn’t work? Move on & stay motivated! A great way to challenge yourself.

Where am I now?

At the moment I’m in a Market Visionaries Programme at AB InBev in which I’m active as a sales representative for 18 months before taking my first managerial role. Although AB InBev is a large multinational, there are many similarities between the culture that lives there and that of STRAREX: no-nonsense, tremendous ownership and tremendous opportunities. But guess what? It’s up to you! STRAREX has taught me that there are always opportunities, but you have to do something with these yourself.

Take ownership, do something bold & if it doesn’t work out, get up and try again!

Feeling hyped and ready to roll like I am? What are you waiting for?! With STRAREX, it’s no-nonsense, so make it work & go the extra mile!

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