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Consulting – Market / customer research – COOP Apotheken

COOP pharmacies is an independent, sustainable and innovative consumer cooperative in Belgium. Drawing on their inspiring history from Ghent’s cradle, COOP’s recognized network of 45 pharmacies has been striving since 1881 to provide the best health advice for private clients and residential care centers.


In an ever-changing, evolving sector with complex regulations and large competitors (not only in medical / pharmaceutical sectors) but other industry leaders (large food groups and investment groups) crossing boundaries into this sector, how can COOP pharmacies be positioned for sustainability and long-term business growth.


Starting with the organization and market analysis, based on thorough market and customer research, key focal areas and targets have been defined. STRAREX team developed a launch pad to a completely new strategy and helped determining the right positioning, identifying all aspects of the business, mitigating any threats and increasing as much opportunity as available and possible.


Now, the COOP team together with STRAREX team, have a clear plan based on data-driven decisions and clearly defined focus to further development of the COOP pharmacies. We work closely together through consultation sessions to guide the client team and aid in assessments of marketing efforts.

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