Online ads & Ecommerce optimization – Pharmabox

As one of the pioneers in the online pharmacy market, Pharmabox, formally, Online Pharma Box, started in mid 2010s as a local pharmacy online, which then took the next steps to become a larger online destination for the Flemish market, offering 50,000+ of products from beauty, hygiene, to kits. With a loyal customer base and fans, Pharmabox continues their quality services with premium product offerings.


How can Pharmabox as an online/ ecommerce player become a digital-savvy business, better utilize digital tools, improve our platform, and increase sales.


Optimize the platform and digital marketing: first step was for STRAREX to conduct an in-depth analysis of the platform and all digital efforts, both paid to organic, including communication (i.e. email campaigns).

From there, develop a new plan (and wire frame of platform) and SEO strategy fit for OPB to be competitive but also offer a great service and experience to the users and sustain the high-satisfaction of customer service they retained thus far.

Improve and redevelop online advertisements, optimize targeting and settings better catered to the campaigns and OPB’s goals, and implement these optimizations across all platforms to ensure alignment in digital strategy is effective.


New platform is currently in progress with building near completion. UX/UI is better built to serve users and the logic of customer journey is in place to make the shopping experience easy and trustworthy. Overall digital strategy is much more aligned with the newly developing platform as well as online advertisements and communication.

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