Pharmabox brand guidelines


Rebranding – Pharmabox

As one of the pioneers in the online pharmacy market, Pharmabox, formally, online pharma box, started in mid 2010s as a local pharmacy online, which then took the next steps to become a larger online destination for the Flemish market, offering 50,000+ of products from beauty, hygiene, to kits. With a loyal customer base and fans, pharmabox continues their quality services with premium product offerings.


How to rebrand online pharma box to a more modern, relevant, and professional brand while protecting the current trustability and integrity of the foundation of the brand.


Rethink the concept of brand as a basis, while staying true to core of brand and not creating an estranged look and feel to our current users but one that our current and potential audiences will relate to and love. All this resulted in redesigning of the logo — a creative process with a variety of concepts from sketches to mockups.


A new logo, with an updated meaning of the brand, and a first-time brand guide complete with the guidelines of the brand for future use and development. We carried out the rollout and implementation of branding across the new ecommerce platform.
Strategic branding combined with the power of our digital optimizations across all platforms resulted in incredible results for the brand as a whole.
Making brands human, bringing them to life. That’s our motto and exactly what we do at STRAREX and STRAREX Creative!

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