Pharmabox Strategy


Strategic Marketing Plan – Pharmabox

As one of the pioneers in the online pharmacy market, Pharmabox, formally, online pharma box [OPB], started in mid 2010s as a local pharmacy online, which then took the next steps to become a larger online destination for the Flemish market, offering 50,000+ of products from beauty, hygiene, to kits. With a loyal customer base and fans, pharmabox continues their quality services with premium product offerings.


OPB was recently acquired by a new and larger pharma group; how can we market our platform, what can we do for our marketing to be competitive, bring our platform to the market, and gain sales?


Start with building a marketing plan that is structured and clearly defined with research and data. STRAREX team built a complete marketing plan with branding and position, digital strategy, online advertising strategy, and content strategy.


STRAREX aided in customer loyalty and retention through strategic marketing and effective implementation of data analysis–looking at what the users/ customers wanted and needed (liked/ disliked), and taking this analysis to impact overall marketing efforts and sales with new and recurring customers back to the platform.

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