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Agora Group is the market leader in Belgium and France as the leading wholesaler in flowers and plants with 4 Cash & Carries in Belgium and 16 in France. With purchasing organisations located in the Netherlands, France and Italy, Agora Group specifically caters to professional florists and nurseries. Agora Group offers “everything under one roof”: daily supplies of fresh flowers and greenery, a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants and everything else, from basic necessities to the latest trends in decoration. Flexible opening hours, regular promotions, product information, practical ideas and open days.


How to improve the current website, while keeping traditional layout and functionalities. A solution is needed to overcome an outdated and difficult-to-navigate website into a tool that really adds value, is relevant in the digital era and increases sales.


Analyze data of existing website and all pages and a thoroughly complete analysis of user behavior and requests. Define clear CTAs, goals and wireframes. Goal is to use the website as a true marketing tool and not just as a “one too many” communication tool. The website needs to add value to users/ customers and contribute to sales and align with Agora as the market leader in an ever-so evolving market and economy.


Final product is a super easy-to-use website, logical mapping and UI, with aesthetics that align with the brand and target consumer base. With clear CTAs to guide users around the website from onboarding (becoming a new client) to shopping online and driving traffic to one of the 16 locations, the website is developed as a useful tool to users and Agora. Moreover, significant simplification of manual labor is done and the client service process is much more efficient with requests, applications, etc being automatically shared and processed to the right locations and departments. Due to the right tracking and remarketing tools, it’s now possible to use the website as a true marketing tool. Don’t just target your market, be part of it! Helping our clients be part of their market…that’s exactly what we do at STRAREX.

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